Syntellicore Forex CRM & Traders Room - Connect with your Customer

Through the years we have optimized the on-boarding procedure by constantly improving the user experience and the interaction between the Brokerage and the Customer.

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    Customer Signs Up

    After successfully organizing, managing and monitoring your campaigns, it’s time to have some conversions. Customers sign up for a Demo (or a Live) account by filling just a few, important information with forms placed either or your website, landing pages or on the client area itself.

  • Customer Signs Up
  • Broker is Notified
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    Broker is Notified

    Upon customer sign up, selected members of your team will be informed about this new customer by email, browser notification or even an SMS. Syntellicore CRM provides all the necessary tools for your CRM Administrators to auto-assign or manually assign this customer to the right CRM user. Further on, the Syntellicore flexible permission system allows you to pre-define rules on who sees what and who receives the alerts.

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    Customer submits all the necessary KYC Information

    In the meantime, the customer is easily guided towards the way to completing the registration to become a real customer. On Demo registrations, the system can automatically create Trading Platform Demo Account(s). The Traders room directs the customer either through a wizard or by showing notifications towards completing the details necessary as per the regulation applicable in each region. Documents and IDs are verified on the spot through automated Document, Name, ID, Address, DOB, Facial and AML real-time verification.

  • Customer submits all the necessary KYC Information
  • Customer is Auto-Approved or Approved by the Broker
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    Customer is Auto-Approved or Approved by the Broker

    During the customer profile enrichment procedure, the involved CRM Brokerage users monitor the activity of the customer through Syntellicore CRM. Customers complete their personal details, upload the necessary documents, and go through the necessary tests in a user friendly and pleasant digital environment. The activity is being constantly logged and is viewable from the CRM and alerts are being sent to the users, so that they can interact with the customer at any time. Once everything is validated, designated users can approve the profile and the users can open Live Accounts and start trading.

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    Customer's Live Account Is Set Up

    Syntellicore is highly configurable. Brokerage Admins can set the settings in the system allowing users to create their Real Accounts by themselves, they can set rules such as maximum number of accounts allows per customer, etc. Alternatively Brokers can decide to have a less automated system and have their Back Office Administrators to open Trading Accounts for the customers from within Syntellicore CRM. It’s up to the Broker to decide how much flexibility and self-service the customer will have.

  • Customer's Live Account Is Set Up
  • Customer makes A Deposit
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    Customer makes A Deposit

    Syntellicore CRM for Forex Brokers is connected with a number of Payment Service Providers (PSPs). Every broker can choose from these providers or the Syntellicore team can integrate the system with the PSP of the Broker’s choice. Usually, (according to the PSPs integration capabilities) integration is seamless. Customers simply click on the PSP of their choice or choose to deposit through Wire Transfer.

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    Deposit is Auto Approved or Approved by the Broker

    Based on a number of rules the deposit can be automatically approved or be manually approved by the Brokerage. This is entirely up to each Brokerage to decide the rules on Deposit auto approvals. The deposit is communicated to the designated CRM users who will take over or monitor the task. On approval of deposit funds are displayed in the customer’s Trader’s room account.

  • Deposit is Auto Approved or Approved by the Broker
  • Trading Starts
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    Trading Starts

    The customer is now ready to transfer funds to the Trading Account for some real trading. At any time, funds can be transferred back to the Trader’s Room Account (IE: Wallet) and then transferred either to another Trading Account or be withdrawn. Syntellicore can host multiple trading platforms together under the same Trader’s Room (e.g. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5). This gives the flexibility to both the Broker and the Customer. Interaction with the customer does not end here. Syntellicore has been constantly evolving the customer retention procedures using latest User Experience methodologies. Follow-up communication between the Syntellicore team and our customer’s Sales Teams, Customer Service Teams and Back Offices is frequent as new tools and new interfaces are being introduced for improving efficiency and effectiveness of the Brokerage to perfection

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  • Create a demo account

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