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Who We Are

Founded in 2003, DW Dynamic Works Ltd (Dynamic Works™) has grown to become a leader in financial technology. Our journey includes the development of the innovative and award-winning Syntellicore CRM, a product that exemplifies our commitment to cutting-edge solutions and quality.

Our Journey with Syntellicore

Early Years: Foundation and Innovation Dynamic Works started with a vision to revolutionize business management software. In 2004, we launched our first CRM project, establishing our expertise in customer relationship management and setting the stage for our future focus on the financial sector.

2011: Entry into Forex CRM In 2011, we took a significant step by launching our first Forex CRM project. This milestone allowed us to understand the unique needs of financial organizations, guiding the development of what would become our flagship product.

2017: The Launch of Syntellicore A defining moment in our history came in 2017 with the launch of Syntellicore. This comprehensive software suite was designed to transform how financial organizations manage operations, streamline processes, and enhance client experiences. Syntellicore quickly became central to our offerings, driving our growth and focus in the fintech industry.

Growth and Expansion With headquarters in Nicosia and additional offices in Limassol, Cyprus, Dynamic Works expanded globally. Our team of technical experts continuously refined Syntellicore to meet the evolving needs of the forex and broader financial markets. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has fueled our rapid growth.

Global Network and Industry Impact Supporting our global network of DW GlobalConnect Implementation Partners has been a key achievement. These partners have played a crucial role in marketing and implementing Syntellicore, helping us establish ourselves as a leading global provider of CRM solutions for the financial industry.

Syntellicore: At the Heart of Our Success

Integrated and Customizable Solutions Syntellicore is built to meet the unique needs of financial organizations. Its integrated platform enhances customer experiences while boosting efficiency and profitability. Designed with flexibility in mind, Syntellicore can be customized to fit specific business requirements.

Industry-Specific Solutions Our expertise covers various financial industry segments, including Retail, Corporate, and Banks. Syntellicore addresses the specific processes of these sectors, providing immediate value and supporting long-term growth.

Awards and Certifications

Dynamic Works and Syntellicore have received several prestigious awards, reflecting our commitment to excellence:

  • Best CRM Award from Finance Magnates (November 2023): Honoring our outstanding CRM capabilities in the forex industry.
  • European Business Awards (2019): Recognizing our strategic growth and innovation.
  • European Business Awards (2016): Named "National Champion" for the impact of our Syntellicore Forex Suite.
  • ISO Certifications: ISO27001 for security and ISO9001 for quality, guided by ISO/IEC 90003 for software development.

These accolades demonstrate our dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and security in the fintech sector.

Why Choose Dynamic Works and Syntellicore

Choosing Dynamic Works means partnering with a company with a proven track record of dedication and success. Syntellicore, our flagship product, represents our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the financial industry. With our expertise, global reach, and focus on client needs, we help financial organizations thrive in a competitive market.

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