Syntellicore Integrations with Trading Platforms, PSPs, Telephony & Ot

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Syntellicore Integrations

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From trading platforms to payment, VOIP and KYC providers, Syntellicore is integrated with the leading brands in the industry, for a seamless, user-efficient and comprehensive software experience.

Trading Platforms

Seamless integration with various trading platforms like MT4, MT5, CTrader, MatchTrader, and VertexFX.


Syntellicore Forex CRM, Client Portal and Mobile App connect with a large number Payment Service Providers (PSPs) for streamlined transactions.


Syntellicore is integrated with telephony systems for enhanced communication capabilities, automation, security and compliance.


Ensures compliance with integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions.


Offers integration with various third-party services for expanded functionality.

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