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26 April 2024

Dynamic Works Syntellicore Engages and Innovates at Vision Forex Forum

Dynamic Works Syntellicore Engages and Innovates at Vision Forex Forum

Dynamic Works Syntellicore recently made a significant impact at the highly anticipated Vision Forex Forum, hosted by Qube Events at the esteemed Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol on April 19th. The event, attended by over 400 leaders from the forex and financial industry and featuring more than 40 keynote speakers, provided an unparalleled platform for networking, idea exchange, and strategic collaboration.

Participation in the Vision Forex Forum

Led by co-founders Angelos Gregoriou and Georgiou Georgiou, along with COO George Papas and Product Owner George Orphanides, the Dynamic Works Syntellicore team actively engaged with industry experts and thought leaders. They showcased the latest advancements of our flagship software solution, emphasizing its stand-alone features such as mobile capabilities and the robust IB/Affiliate System. Discussions revolved around how Syntellicore empowers brokers with tailored solutions and scalable architecture to achieve their growth objectives effectively.

Insights from Dynamic Works CEO

Angelos Gregoriou, CEO of Dynamic Works, participated as a speaker, sharing invaluable insights during a panel discussion titled "Navigating the Latest Forex Technology Trends." Gregoriou highlighted the industry's rapid evolution and the importance of efficient onboarding and robust security measures to meet client demands. He emphasized the significance of anti-fraud mechanisms for ensuring safety and operational optimization, while also discussing the role of Artificial Intelligence in lead segmentation and marketing automation. Furthermore, Gregoriou elaborated on the IB/Affiliate System of Syntellicore, showcasing its multi-tier, multi-campaign, and multi-scheme features, which provide users with scalability and customizable capabilities.


Fostering Connections at the Networking Session


In addition to active participation in panel discussions, Dynamic Works Syntellicore sponsored an afternoon Networking Session. This exclusive gathering provided participants with the opportunity to connect in a relaxed atmosphere, build relationships, and foster long-term collaborations within the forex industry.

The company's engagement and innovative contributions at the Vision Forex Forum underscore its commitment to driving excellence and innovation in the financial industry.


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