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Enhanced KYC Processes

Enhance Your KYC Process with Syntellicore

Syntellicore elevates your KYC process by integrating questionnaires, knowledge-based assessments, risk scoring, and a robust duplicate detection engine. This combination refines how you assess and manage the risks associated with onboarding new customers. All these client-facing features are configured by the CRM administrator through our robust configuration and administration modules.

Key Components:

Questionnaires and Knowledge-Based Assessments: These tools gather detailed information that might not be captured through standard document verification. Questionnaires explore the customer's background, financial history, and the nature of their business relationship. Knowledge-based assessments test their understanding of necessary processes and legal obligations. This approach provides a deeper insight into the customer’s identity and intentions.

Risk Scoring: Risk scoring assigns a numerical value to each customer based on various parameters. These include geographic location, political exposure, financial history, and intended transactions. This score helps categorize customers into different risk levels (low, medium, high), guiding the level of monitoring required and the compliance processes to follow.

Duplicate Detection Engine: Our powerful duplicate detection engine ensures the integrity of your customer data by identifying and merging duplicate records. This feature helps maintain a clean and accurate database, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that each customer is uniquely and correctly represented.

Automated Questionnaires: Our system issues tailored questionnaires based on the type of account being opened or initial customer data. Responses are analyzed and cross-verified with existing data to validate information or identify potential risks.

Dynamic Risk Scoring: As data is collected through questionnaires and customer activities, our risk scoring models update customer profiles in real-time. This dynamic assessment allows for prompt responses to potential threats and necessary adjustments in compliance measures.

Customer Auto-Approval: Utilize our dynamic onboarding and automation engines to implement a customer auto-approval process. This feature speeds up onboarding for low-risk clients by automatically approving them based on pre-set criteria, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Configuration and Administration: All these client-facing features are configured by the CRM administrator using our robust configuration and administration modules. This ensures that the system is tailored to your specific needs and that all compliance processes are managed efficiently.

Decision-Making Support: Integrating these tools provides compliance officers and risk managers with a comprehensive view of each customer. This data-driven insight supports informed decision-making, ensuring proactive and efficient risk management.

Combining these elements within an automated KYC system enhances your risk management strategies and compliance protocols. This approach meets regulatory requirements and industry best practices, making the onboarding process smoother and ensuring secure ongoing customer relationship management.

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