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Streamlined Document Upload and Automated Compliance

Streamlined Document Upload and Automated Compliance

Syntellicore Trader's Room makes it simple for clients to upload the personal information and documents needed for compliance purposes before they start trading. This feature ensures a seamless experience, enhancing both efficiency and compliance management. Additionally, Syntellicore takes compliance to the next level with integrations for automated KYC and ID verification, reaching a level where customers can be auto-approved even under the strictest regulations.

Key Features:

Easy Document Upload: Clients can easily upload their personal information and required documents through the Trader's Room, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience.

Customizable Requirements: Administrators can configure which documents are needed from the CRM, tailoring requirements to meet specific regulatory and compliance needs.

Automated Notifications: Clients receive notifications to upload their documents, ensuring that all necessary information is collected promptly and efficiently.

Automated Compliance Integration: Integrations with top platforms for automated KYC and ID verification streamline the compliance process further. This ensures customer information is verified quickly and accurately, reducing manual effort and boosting efficiency.

Auto-Approval Capability: With advanced automation, Syntellicore can achieve a level where customers are auto-approved, even under the strictest regulations. This significantly speeds up the onboarding process while ensuring full compliance.

Efficient Back Office and Compliance Management: Uploaded documents are automatically sent to your Back Office and Compliance departments within the Syntellicore Forex CRM. This ensures that all relevant teams have immediate access to the information they need.

Enhanced Compliance: By streamlining document collection and automating verification, Syntellicore helps maintain regulatory compliance and ensures all required documents are on file before trading begins.

Syntellicore Trader's Room simplifies the upload of necessary compliance documents and leverages automated verification to provide

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