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IB Registration & IB Area

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IB and Affiliate Registration & Secured Area

Syntellicore Trader's Room offers a comprehensive solution for IB and Affiliate registration and management. Introducing Brokers (IBs) and Affiliates can efficiently handle their activities from within their Trader's Room profile. Clients can also be elevated to IB or Affiliate status directly from their profile, streamlining the process.

Key Features:

Access to Introduced Clients: IBs and Affiliates can easily view and manage their referred clients directly from their profile. This feature provides a clear overview of all clients they have introduced.

Commission Management: Track and analyze commissions earned by IBs and Affiliates within the Trader's Room. This allows for better performance tracking and understanding of earnings.

Marketing Materials: Access a variety of marketing materials, including affiliate links and banners. This helps IBs and Affiliates promote services and attract new clients effectively.

Open Trading Accounts: IBs and Affiliates can open their own trading accounts directly from their profile, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Client to IB/Affiliate Elevation: Easily elevate clients to IB or Affiliate status from within their profile, simplifying the transition and expanding their opportunities.

Electronic Document Signing: The onboarding process includes electronic document signing via DocuSign, ensuring a smooth and efficient registration flow for IBs and Affiliates.

User-Friendly Interface: The IB and Affiliate area is designed to be intuitive, ensuring easy navigation and management of activities.

Syntellicore's IB and Affiliate Registration and Management Area provides all the necessary tools for success. From tracking commissions to accessing marketing materials, everything is integrated within their Trader's Room profile. The feature to elevate clients to IB or Affiliate status and electronically sign documents makes the onboarding process seamless and efficient.

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