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Multiple Trading Accounts and Multiple Currencies

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Manage Multiple Trading Accounts, Platforms, and Investments

Syntellicore makes it easy to manage multiple trading accounts across various platforms and investment types, all under one profile. Customers can open accounts in different currencies and leverage levels, streamlining their trading activities and investment management.

Key Features:

Multiple Account Creation: Open and manage multiple trading accounts from a single profile, simplifying the handling of diverse investments and strategies.

Integration with Various Trading Platforms: Link your accounts to popular trading platforms like MT4, MT5, cTrader, MatchTrader, VertexFX, and more, offering the flexibility to trade on your preferred platform.

Diverse Investment Management: In addition to trading accounts, manage other investments such as social trading, PAMM, and prop trading apps within the same platform.

Support for Multiple Currencies: Open accounts in various currencies, providing the flexibility needed for international trading.

Variable Leverage Levels: Select different leverage levels for each account, tailoring your trading strategies to match your risk preferences.

Seamless Fund Transfers: Easily transfer funds from your wallet to your trading accounts and back, making fund management straightforward and efficient.

Configurable Commissions and Calculations: Customize fund transfer commissions and currency conversion fees to understand costs clearly and manage your finances effectively.

Enhanced Financial Control: Gain greater control over your trading activities with efficient management of multiple accounts, platforms, and investment types.

Syntellicore’s features for managing multiple trading accounts, platforms, and investments provide flexibility and control over your trading activities. Easily manage multiple accounts, take advantage of different currencies, and enjoy streamlined fund transfers - all within a single, integrated platform.

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