Still not convinced?

Syntellicore, has an endless list of features which has been compiled and developed by receiving and evaluating our brokers' requests. 

  • Marketing Material, dynamically generated for each campaign, available to the IB to download and use instantly.
  • Interactive real-time illustration of IB Networks
  • Campaign API, which allows IBs to render the registration form directly on their own websites / landing pages.
  • IBs can also Trade. They can even (optionally) generate rebate on self-trading. SmartRebate® allows further customization on what Traders and IBs can do they are not allowed to do.
  • Custom Link Aliasing for campaigns allows IBs to create short and easy to remember URLs for their campaigns
  • IB API allows IBs to securely access their own data and develop their own mobile apps, portals and business tools. Full and up-to-date documentation is available.
  • Close-to, real-time rebate calculation allows IBs to monitor their clients’ activity and watch their rebate growing.
  • Automatic payments allows broker to pay their IBs without having to move a single finger. Rebates are calculated automatically and by the end of the day these are made available so that an IB can transfer to his/her Syntellicore wallet, through where he/she can trade or withdraw.
  • Broker chooses which client information is to be displayed to the IB. The decision of disclosing or not any sensitive information of referred clients is on the Broker to make.
  • Migrating from another system? SmartRebate® can re-route traffic sent to old links into the new ones, provided of course that access to the old destination is provided.
  • Rebate Forensics , is a new app which allows brokers to trace rebate calculation and troubleshoot the system.
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