Syntellicore launches the new Syntellicore IB and Affiliate System. A multi-tier rebate module through CRM

The New Syntellicore Multi-tier IB and Affiliate System

We are announcing the immediate release of our new advanced Multi-tier IB and Affiliate System with upgrades and refinements making the management of Partners simpler and easier. The augmented Partners system incorporates feedback from users resulting in a system designed essentially by the user for the user.


The three M’s: the new Syntellicore Partner Management System is a 3-M system:




  • Multi-tier refers to the system’s ability of unlimited levels of referrals of a Partner, sub-Partner, sub-sub-Partner, and so on.


  • Multi-campaign refers to the potential of the system for each IB or Affiliate having more than one campaign. This gives the Partner the ability to perform A/B testing hence monitor how well his/her marketing campaigns perform.  In addition, the rebate schemes are actually connected directly to each campaign.


  • Multi-scheme refers to the new feature that makes defining multiple rebate schemes possible, binding each scheme to campaigns, giving access to each Partner's different rebate schemes. Syntellicore features a powerful, yet easy to use rebate scheme builder which in most cases can cover all your needs. If, however a custom-developed rebate is desired, this can be accommodated as well.


The new system is fully managed and assimilated to your business needs through your CRM making it an easy-to-manage tool with all the information you need at a click of a button.


The user-friendly screens allow easy access to a plethora of information needed to manage your accounts from Dashboards, clients, trading actions, payments, API info.  The new Syntellicore SmartRabate, multi-tier system for IBs and Affiliates encompasses fully customized tables and information according to your business needs.  The enhanced graphics assist you in tracking monthly activities with important month-to-month comparisons to track progress.  You can create your own rebate structure for each campaign or use one of the pre-set ones in the system allowing possibilities of different distributions for rebate structures.


The new SmartRabate System is specifically designed with the user needs in mind allowing you to manage this module through Syntellicore CRM.   The three M’s make the process easy and customizable to your business’s specific needs.


The new Syntellicore SmartRabate system will be featured at the IFX Expo Asia at Syntellicore’s booth 49.   A workshop for the full demonstration of the system is scheduled on January 24th at 14:45-15:15 at the IFX Expo Workshop Room.

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